Have you ever gone into a restaurant or sporting goods store and paid good money for something and were disappointed in the product? You thought that for that kind of money it should have been much better. Well, according to the Montana Office of Public Instruction Billings Elementary Schools and Billings High Schools are receiving almost $46M in Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief Funding. 46 million dollars.

Now, here's the question: are we going to get a return on our investment?

Where is all that money going to be spent? Why then did they want to run another mill levy? 46 mIllion dollars. With this huge investment by taxpayers are we going to see an increase in our test scores in the district? Will we see better ACT scores so kids can get into our colleges? Is any of this money going to be used for wish list projects or athletics? Keep in mind that every school in Montana will receive money.

So, the bottom line is this: what will it do to improve test scores?

That should always be the number one priority. Will we see improvement in our student performance and proficiencies in math, science, and reading? That's the bottom-line period. It will not cost School District 2 $46M dollars to keep our schools sanitized and clean. This money should be allocated in good faith, and we should all expect a return on our investment. If there is a safety issue with a building then that also should be addressed. With this huge sum of money comes a huge responsibility and if you want to win over the trust of the community then be open, honest, and transparent with your spending. If local officials fail to do so, it will forever damage their credibility and integrity.

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