I have worked a few different types of jobs. Each one of them has had it's ups and downs. Some with some major ups and others with some major downs.

All in all, I do what I can to find the pluses in what I do, but yesterday was kind of hard to stay focused.

I love my job and that is no lie. Hanging out chatting with you on the radio is something I look forward to on Cat Country each and every day. It is a highlight that pumps me up.

The problem is when someone I care about is either sick or hurt. I apparently got my wife sick and it hit her pretty hard. She has been down and out and it hasn't been a normal, nor easy sickness what so ever for her.

Yesterday, while I was doing my show, I had a hard time concentrating because I was worried about how she was doing and I was unable to leave. I had things that I needed to get done and I was stuck, plain and simple.

She is starting to get better now and things will go back to normal. I just hate worrying.

Bottom line, I'm happy to be employed and doing what I love and love what I'm doing right here in Billings.