Like a lot of people in Billings, I drive a pickup. One thing about pickups is they are not the softest of rides when going down the highway. The newer they are the better they get but they still don't cushion things like a car.

Last evening I took a back way home. As I was driving along I noticed how rough the road was. It seemed much more rough than I had ever noticed before.

Either I hadn't paid that much attention to it before or it got pretty rough since the last time I took it.

Maybe my truck is going bad but for some reason it just felt like it was beating the crud out of me in spots as I traveled through towards Wicks Lane.

To be fair, there are other streets in Billings that have been pretty rough, too, but this one is fairly close to home and I seem to catch it more than others.

What have your experiences been like? What street or road in Billings do you think is the roughest?

Tell me about it at 248-5665.

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