If you had the luxury of planning to have a child, you may have actually set a budget.  Maybe you calculated how much to feed, clothe and shelter them.  Those are all good things to plan for, but you have to remember that your kid will likely want to do stuff.  They might play a sport, or an instrument, or pursue one of the other arts.  Whatever the case, it's likely not free.

Dance is my girl's thing.  I am grateful that she has something that she works to get better at.  It's good physical exercise and has many lessons (dedication, reward, etc.) that translate into lifelong, beneficial concepts.  However...IT'S EXPENSIVE!  Not only the tuition costs but the costumes, travel, admission to performances, etc.  I try not to complain too much.  I assume if she had chosen a sport there would be plenty of cash to drop on that, too.

What is your kid's "thing" that you spend your hard earned money on?  Is it worth it?

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