I have to admit (again) that I am a little OCD. Everything has it's place in my office and I can't stand to have disorganization in my area.

The problem is that it has become known around the office that I am this way and it seems to be funny to some of my friends there.

It doesn't happen often but every once in awhile some of them seem to find it amusing to go into my office when I am not in there and change things around. I will come back in and immediately notice what's different then proceed to clean and put things back the way they were. All the while I can hear them giggle from down the hallway because they 'got me' yet again.

I play into the joke even though it drives me crazy just because if I can't take it then I can't dish it out and trust me...I like to dish it out.

What is your workplace pet peeve?

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