They say politics makes strange bedfellows. I thought being a Republican meant you were for creating jobs and freedom. It's stupid enough Montana State law forces them to stop serving beer after 8pm. But now Republican Roger Hagan from Great Falls is sponsoring a bill on behalf of the Tavern Association that would put restrictions on how much of their own beer local breweries can sell at their own brewery.

The bill would further restrict the hours they can sell beer in their sample rooms and would even make it illegal for sample rooms to serve food... even popcorn. Breweries are a homegrown industry creating jobs right here in Montana. They aren't buying Puerto Rican rum, Russian vodka or British gin. They are creating Montana ales and lagers and have created nearly 500 jobs statewide. This bill is anti-democratic and anti-American. If you wonder how a Republican can support such a bill then, as they say, follow the money.

Call your local state representative and tell them you're for democracy and removing restrictions from a burgeoning Montana industry rather than handcuffing them out of existence.