MontanaFair unveiled their lineup of concerts for 2021, and on Sunday, August 15, multi-platinum country hitmakers Eli Young Band will play at First Interstate Arena.

Tickets are on-sale now starting at $44.50, and VIP seats available for $79.50, according to MetraPark. CLICK HERE for more information about buying tickets to see Eli Young Band on August 15 at the Last Best Place of Summer.

Beginning Monday (5/10), Cat Country 102.9 will have your chance to win 5th row tickets, all the way up to FRONT ROW Tickets for Eli Young Band. Here's what you need to do for a chance to go 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with E.Y.B. at MontanaFair.

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  • DOWNLOAD the FREE Cat Country 102.9 mobile app so you don't miss out on Secret Ticket Giveaways. We'll be sending out an app alert, letting you know when to call in and win Eli Young Band tickets in the first 5 rows
  • LISTEN to the Breakfast Flakes this Wednesday (5/12) for Men's Day Wednesday, when Mark and Paul let only the guys share "Crazy Girl" stories for a chance for win their tickets in the first 5 rows
  • LISTEN to the Breakfast Flakes this Thursday (5/13) for Hers Day Thursday, when Mark and Paul let only the ladies share stories about what "Love Ain't" for a chance to win their tickets in the first 5 rows.
  • ENTER TO WIN tickets below, and we'll select one winner at random to win two (2) tickets in the first 5 rows for Eli Young Band at MontanaFair on August 15.

MontanaFair also welcomes Cody Johnson on Saturday, August 14. CLICK HERE to find out more about tickets.

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