Thinkstock[/caption]Temperatures are starting to get colder and snow will be hitting Montana roads before we know it. Every year, more and more people are dying on our roads. Many from reasons that could have been prevented. Speed, not paying attention and not realizing the limits of the road all can easily fixed and more lives can be saved.

My father was a deputy sheriff for 28 years and every winter was a dread because he knew he would have to clean up some very bad wrecks on the interstate and more bodies than anyone would ever want to see. It was heartbreaking to him as it would be to anyone involved in those situations.

Here's some driving tips from Montana Department of Transportation:


  1. Allow extra time to get to your destination.
  2. Clean off your car. Keep windows, mirrors and lights clear of snow and ice.
  3. Always buckle up.
  4. Slow down in poor visibility conditions.
  5. Maintain a safe distance behind other vehicles.
  6. Expect ice on bridges and in shady spots.
  7. Don't pass snowplows or spreaders unless it's absolutely necessary.
  8. Prepare your vehicle for winter driving at the start of the season.
  9. Check to be sure all four tires are in good condition.
  10. Don't wait until the last minute to get snow tires mounted.

Please be careful on the roads this winter. If not for yourself, then please for the rest of us. And, always keep an emergency travel kit in your car.

Take a look at the video below to see just how quickly every can turn seriously wrong.