When I moved to Montana 15 months ago poker tournaments were few and far between. Coming from California that was a huge disappointment because a) I'm really skilled at tournament poker and b) not knowing a lot of people here at first I didn't have much to do. Thanks to the new easing of gambling restrictions on poker that was enacted by the Montana legislature last Spring, tournament Texas Hold'em players can get their game on several times per week. Here is a local schedule that I just received from a local poker insider:

Upcoming monthly tournaments include:
Feb. 1st @ 3 PM Maverick, Roundup $60 Buy-in $10,000 starting chips
*1,000 bonus for early sign up,* Potluck, please bring a dish
Feb. 7th @ 7 PM Silver Strike, Red Lodge $135 Buy-in $15,000 starting chips
*2,000 bonus for early sign up
Feb. 9th @ 1 PM Gold Dust, Billings $160 Buy-in
*Partners Tournament
Weekly Tournaments:
Sundays & Mondays @ 630 PM Bugz’s, Billings $25 Buy-in
*Single Table
Tuesdays @ 7 PM Gold Dust, Billings $50 Buy-in
*This weekly tournament has been picking up momentum since its start and has been bringing in pretty large fields.

See you at the final table!