Looking for a washer or dryer?  Maybe a coffee table or or some gently used furniture to help pull the living room together?  Perhaps you need a cheap starter car for one of the kids?  The Billings Craigslist is a great place to find all sorts of great used stuff.  However, some people visit the classifieds site in an attempt to find that special somebody rather than some old junk.

Do you dare venture to the Billings Craigslist personals section?  Online dating is getting more and more popular every year, with an estimated 1500 dating websites available in the United States alone.  There are obvious benefits, such as communicating with the person prior to actually meeting them.  However, some health experts believe that a recent rise in sexually transmitted diseases can be attributed to the popularity of online dating.

Some people swear by it, and some couples have even gotten married after meeting on the site.  Of course, infamous stories of  "Craigslist killers" (some real, others merely urban legends) definitely have a chilling effect on the use of the dating portion of the sites.

There are many different opinions of dating on Craigslist, so we want to get yours!  Have you ever used the site to find a date?  Were you successful?  How did the date go?  Take our poll and let us know about your Billings Craigslist experiences!