So, here is the question: are employers now able to make your medical decisions, and if you don't comply you're fired?

That's exactly what is happening in School District 2. The Superintendent has said if his employees don't wear a mask,  they will receive a 5-day suspension without pay, according to Billings Gazette. If they come back and still don't do what he thinks is the medically right decision they will start the termination process. He's already violating their bargaining agreement which deemed masks optional. But this issue is even bigger than that .

No employer should be able to make your medical decisions for you. What happens if an employer determines that your weight is a detriment  to having a safe workplace? What if you are hard of hearing and they mandate you to get hearing aids because you may not hear the forklift? The list goes on and on about people's medical issues that could cause harm to themselves or others. Your boss should not be making those decisions, especially if the rules were all agreed to earlier.

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Imagine if everyone in town was fired if they did not want to wear a mask at work. Can you imagine the impact on goods and services? What if 100 teachers in support of others and their agreement  are terminated. Where are they going to find 100 teachers to teach your kids?. If he wanted to be able to make on the fly  medical choices for his teachers and students, then it should have been in the agreement. It's not a safety issue, it's a health issue that you and your doctor should be making.

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