If you have driven down Montana Avenue lately you have probably noticed that the Windsor Court building was demolished at the corner of 27th Street and Montana Avenue in the name of progress. Unlike the new, high tech, City of Billings public library they're building on 6th Avenue the 27th Street and Montana Avenue site is not destined to be aesthetically pleasing or for the enrichment of our fine city's denizens.

No, the proposed new construction that will become Montana Avenue's new gateway to the historic Billings district is going to be.... wait for it.... yep.... a parking lot. Woo hoo (lack of enthusiasm intended). Now, I'm only one voice but it seems to me that with all the well executed renovations of historic buildings (tip of the hat to High Plains Architects) along Montana Ave., now is not the time to uglify Billings most historic street in the midst of its gentrification.

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