We got on the topic of favorite golf courses in Montana this morning, and I said, "the top 3," but, I can't narrow it that far down. Plus, I'm going to break it down into individual front and back "nines" that I've played.

Let's start with the course in Big Timber. After driving by it a thousand times, I finally played it a few years back. More water on it than you would think, but a nice layout.

I finally got to play the Missoula Country Club a couple of years ago. Very beautiful. Same with the Yellowstone Country Club here.

But my actual top 3 are:

3: Anaconda Hills in Great Falls. Mostly because it's the course that I learned on. The front 9 runs through huge cottonwood trees. With the back nine, which was added many years later, being more links style.

2. The Elmer Link course at Pryor Creek.

1. Canyon River, East Missoula. Lush. Great layout for us high handicapped golfers.

What are yours?


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