Let me tell you upfront that cleaning out my golf bag for the first time in several years was not a planned event. I couldn't find one of the two fobs that you need to start my car. The last time I saw the fob was on a day when I took the car to the golf course. The car will start as long as the fob is anywhere inside the vehicle. So, I figured it was in the golf bag somewhere, since it wasn't under the seats of the car or pickup. It was not under my couch cushions, but a couple of goldfish crackers were. I'm assuming that my two-year-old niece left those for me during her Easter visit.

So, the unloading of the golf bag began. I must admit that I'm a golf equipment hoarder, which I sort of suspected. One day you just like to be prepared, the next, you can barely lift your bag. That's what happened to me.

My bag inventory included twice as many cans of sunscreen and bug spray than I needed. I also had one too many pairs of rain pants than I needed. Gloves. I don't wear a glove on my left hand anyway. So it's probably overkill to have five of them (in assorted colors) plus two pairs of rain gloves. I know.

All those golf balls pictured are ones I found while searching for mine. Pro V1x and Callaway Chrome Soft were the most plentiful. Socks, divot repair tools, and ball retriever round out my cache. Unless you count the bottle of Coors Light. I don't know how long it's been in my bag. And I certainly can't explain how it isn't broken.

My story has a happy ending. The fob I was searching for was hanging where it always is. Getting old is awesome.

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