• We lost "Piano Pat" this week. She was considered to be an icon in Great Falls. She played piano and sang at the Sip & Dip for over fifty years. If you ever visit Great Falls, you should probably go see the "mermaid bar."
  • The only reason that I want to win the lottery is so that I could own my own golf course. And it would be cheap to play. And we would offer free golf lessons to kids. And there would be zero sand traps.
  • Wait. I just thought of another reason I'd like to be wealthy. My own concert venue. Since I could obviously afford anybody, we'd have a Sheryl Crow residency with different openers. Larry The Cable Guy, Wynonna, and Kelsea Ballerini.
  • I hope that you got to hear our talk with Stacy from the D.E.A. on Wednesday. She talked about how bad the drug problem is in Billings. The worst that it's ever been.
  • I wonder what percentage of folks actually give money to the panhandlers that are on street corners all over town. Because I don't.
  • Everything I'm reading is indicating that concerts are coming back with no social distancing or masks. People are ready to return to normal.

Now, a few words about today's photo. If you played golf with me, I would warn you not to hit in here. This is a bad spot to be. It's called "Tree Jail." This is where bogies come from. This is where "Hey, I'm only two over" becomes "How did I get to plus 4?!" Don't be like Mark. Don't golf in here.

We are back Monday with chances to win Eli Young tickets every day.

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