I've always wanted to do a promotion called "We're Going To Kill Somebody"... and our legal department, as you can imagine, always says NO! The idea isn't to actually kill someone, just to take them on a series of hair raising, thrilling adventures which would include helicopter skiing, fighter pilot training, NASCAR School, diving with sharks and... zip lining! Who wouldn't want to do all of those things? While it might be too much risk for actuaries to OK they are all activities you can enjoy, for a cost, on your own.

Here in Montana during the summer months, even when helicopter skiing is unavailable, our mountains continue to give through the thrill of zip lining. In the picture above (I'm on the right) we are about to launch ourselves off of a platform over the Gallatin river onto an 800 foot line. I did the supermodel pose with 4 twists. There are also zip lines near Gallatin, Whitefish and just outside of Billings. I'm a bit of a thrill seeker (no skydiving though thank you) who loves amusement parks, roller coasters, parasailing etc. but I have to say, for the money, nothing is as fun as flying along a wire 300 feet in the air here in the Big Sky state!

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