What a great stroll down memory lane this morning. The following list isn't for you, it's for me. A roster of 30 years of working on The Cat.

Cat Country Ski Tags, gave away a 67 Thunderbird and a new 1990 Geo Storm, Banjo the Chocolate lab, JT's burlap 3 piece suit, poems at the Christmas parties, Marcella & Loni from Red Lodge Mountain, Learn To Ski Free Day, Beat The Flakes, Fabulous Flaker Girls, Garth Tickets at Godfathers, 2 Godfathers locations, Jack Harper, Theresa, Bridger Steel, Pickle Barrel, Murullo family from New York, Pickle Barrel, Frontier Chevy Roof broadcasts, Cat Country All Stars, Mallory, Jake, Maddy, John, Virgil, Kim, Racheal Greenwood, Mt Beef at Roundups BBQ's, Pat Metzger, Jim Diamond, Flakes coffee cups, Cat Van to Livingston in 70 minutes, Camaro to Denver in 5:45, Judds being so nice, Garth/Trishia being so nice, Montana Redneck Battalion, Fencing Project, Keith Tilkins, opening for president Bush, 10,000 free concert tickets to our "Free Concerts", protest marches, and so much more.

We can't thank you enough.

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