Let me start by saying I think that we all think that we are one of the best drivers on the road. I get it. I feel like I certainly am. I've got a couple of wins on stock car tracks and I've never run over anybody.

But as I was driving around our fair city yesterday I got to thinking about why some of the drivers pulled some of the maneuvers that I saw performed.

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Thou Will Have to Speed.

I'll include myself in the first one. I'm generally doing 5 to 7 mph over the posted speed limit when I'm driving. These days that makes me the slowest vehicle in any particular pack that I get next to.

Thou Shall Not Tailgate.

Grrrr. I don't do it. When somebody rolls up on my back bumper to where I can't see their taillights in my rearview mirror, I take my foot off the gas and we begin coasting together until they find an opening and go around me.

Thou Shall Not Talk on Your Cell Phone

I wasn't a fan of our city making it a ticketable offense for talking on your cell phone while driving. But, honestly, some of you are going to hit something one of these days.

Thou WIll Likely Run a Red Light

I don't think there is a driver out there that doesn't do it.

Thou Must Use a Turn Signal

I learned about how much this aggravates drivers here. It's far and away the biggest complaint on the Billings Reckless drivers page on Facebook. No use of turn signals. I never would have thought that people would get so fired up something so small. But I have seen far more comments on this than all the others put together.

Luckily, Billings is understaffed in our traffic enforcement division.

h/t wyrk.com

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