Valentine's Day is basically here and many of you have already purchased that special something for the special someone. However, if you're still looking to fill that last my gift purchase, I've come up with my top five ideas that could get you out of the dog house tomorrow.

In no particular order:

  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries/Chocolates

Who doesn't love a little candy?If you're trying to impress your sweety then impress her sweet tooth.

  • Charm Bracelet/Jewelry

This can get a little spendy but a very effective way to show her you care. If you have kids, it's a good idea to do a necklace or charm bracelet with their birthstones to warm her heart.

  • Makeup Kit/Pampering Kit

You know she is beautiful, but she wants to feel beautiful just the same. Massage oils, makeup and such are sure to make her feel wonderful. When she feels relaxed, you'll know you've done something special.

  • Wine/Champagne

Wrapping up the evening with a nice glass and cuddling is sure to make her sleep well, which she deserves. She's the one who takes care of the family and a lot of the household duties and she deserves to have that rest.

  • Roses/Flowers

Red is the color of love. No matter what you do for your love, accompany it with a nice bouquet of roses and make sure they are red. She needs to know that everything you do for her comes from the heart and that there is no other woman in the world that could take her place.

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