I ran across this idea while scrolling through Facebook (where, seemingly, most of my work hours are spent).

The "Un-bucket" list. Things that I will never do for the rest of my life.

Let's start with sports that you can die while doing. These include free climbing steep faces of mountains, followed by hang gliding, parasailing, and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane in pursuit of the "rush" that comes with skydiving.

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The next category: running. No marathons. No triathlons. I never was a jogger, so that won't be an issue either. The only running I have left is to race my great nieces and great nephews while explaining how great of an athlete their great uncle was "back in the day.'

I'd consider one of those electric bikes with any pedaling as an option, but it's gonna have to have a cup holder, or I'm not interested. The mower, 4-wheeler, and all golf carts have them...so why not my bike?

I'm starting to suspect that I won't ever marry. Call it a hunch.

I'm done going to NFL games and having to wade through all those thousands of people unless I can get the Taylor Swift in a private suite treatment. I will put up with the crowd at a Sheryl Crow concert, though.

I'm retired from skiing. I haven't skied in 20 years. I can still show you the part of my shin bone that had a chunk taken out of it during what is called a "yard sale" wreck at Red Lodge. I gave my skis away.

Do you have an "Un-bucket" list?

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