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Every Friday I sit down on Fridays to type a little something about my week and today I notice that for some reason I just don't snap a lot of pictures. But I snuck this one of Paul doing to his contractually mandated daily post. After thinking about it for a bit, I wish I would have shot a video of it and put the music from Fantasia with it.

  • I have never had a bad service or food experience at Famous Daves.
  • Using texts and messenger has made my job more enjoyable and probably has enhanced the listening experience for those that I'm communicating with. Plus those listeners generally can answer questions that we can't.
  • I saw the band Boston six times in four different concert venues but never IN Boston, Massachusetts.
  • I still like to race people from stoplights. My reaction time is still at a professional level. That's why you always lose.
  • Also traffic-related. Can we just raise the speed limit on Main in the heights to 45 mph? That way most drivers would only be fifteen miles an hour over it.
  • We had our first stop by for the Flakes Trip this week at the Den out on the west end of town. It was great to meet so many new listeners who got signed up for the first time. It was also great to see some of our traveling friends. We also had a chance to talk about a great lady who cancer took from us. Kristi, you are missed and cancer sucks.
  • We will be out again next Thursday at Casino 8, located at 32nd and Gabel. Swing by and say hello and get signed up from 5-7.
  • If you've had trouble finding ammunition lately you might check out the gun show at Metra this weekend. Your wife is going to make you go to the Home Improvement Show there anyway. Might as well make the most out of your trip.
  • No fantasy football for me this year. Not one cent of mine will go towards any fantasy leagues, football boards, or tv packages. And it feels good.
  • We learned earlier in the week that there are more songs with "mason jar" in the lyrics than we thought.
  • Continue to be vigilant and careful with anything that can start a fire. We will be dry again in the next couple of days and could easily have fires like we did last weekend.
  • You are invited to tune in to the city council meeting where our police chief will be presenting them with the $50,000.00 for body cameras.

See you here Monday at 5:20.

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