Each Friday on this blog, I sit down and type out some details of my week. Some of which you might have heard and some from my personal life.

  • These past seven days have included a funeral of a lady who left us too soon, carrying a friend of mine into rehab, and the anniversary date of the passing of my brother. Sounds like a lot of laughs, doesn't it?
  • Meanwhile talking to a friend who also had a tough week burying his father, and I realize, at this age, weeks like this are going to happen.
  • Monday was the anniversary of my brothers passing. Thanks for taking time to read about him and for all of your kind words. Very touching.
  • We learned that the Billings School District spends 96% of its money on salaries and benefits. And they are going to most likely run another mill levy.
  • Now on a lighter note, this week there was simulator golf, Golden Tee Golf, and Playstation $ Golf (where putting is hard).
  • MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" came from him having Cheeto's dust on his fingers. True story.
  • I discovered just this morning that Sheryl Crow and I will be spending an evening together at the Gorge in Washington in June.
  • Volkswagon manufactured 21,529,464 Beetles total. The 1971 Bug that my mom owned floated, much to her dismay. I learned to drive a stick in that car.
  • Paul was impressed that I knew some of the staff at Famous Dave's.

I gotta get packed. See you at 5 Monday morning. This Monday is "Rub It In Day." Hope you can stand us.


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