Our featured Wet Nose this week is cool and refreshing and her name is Sprite. She's a 3-year-old Akita mix who waiting to be adopted at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

Here's what the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has to say about Sprite:

She’s cool, and refreshing, but she’s not a soda pop! Sprite is our well-behaved, well-trained, best girl ever. Sprite likes to take things easy and would like a home where she can continue to live her best life that way. She gets along with other dogs that are respectful of her- the same goes with kids! She’s a wonderful, fastidious girl who will do just about anything for a treat. This girl loves the snow more than anything and will romp and roll in it for hours. Her most practiced trick is “sit” and will even sit at every door and wait patiently for you to open it before she goes through.

If you would like to set up a meeting with Sprite, or to find out more about adoption CLICK HERE.

Our Junkyard Dog with a Heart of Gold named Dante is waiting to find his person. He's an 11-year old American Bulldog mix:

Here's what our friends at YVAS have to say about this lovable gentleman:

We’re not saying Dante is the best dog in the shelter right now… (yes, we are, we totally think he’s the bee’s knees)… But he’s a very, very good boy. He’s been a junkyard dog most of his life and has the face to show it. Don’t be put off by his scruffy face- this dog has a heart of gold. He’s also 100% convinced he’s a small dog and that your lap is the best seat in the house. The biggest head, with the biggest heart! Dante is such a sweet old man, we all wish we could take him home. This handsome fella might be considered a senior, but he’s still a young puppy at heart! Dante has lived with dogs before, but can be picky – so we highly suggest a dog meet before adoption. He loves snacks, cuddles, and playtime! How could you resist taking home that mug?! He’s a business-man, and is always making deals and shaking on them in exchange for treats. (We don’t think he knows what he’s agreeing on, though).

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