Dear Jennifer Nettles,

Please come back to country radio. I watched your concert on AXS TV over the weekend. I turned you up to sing to me while I was barbecuing.

I enjoyed several songs that I hadn't heard before and loved it when you finally got around to "Baby Girl."

Several female singers in country music today have complained that females aren't getting radio airplay. So, you come along and have a bunch of hits, then you quit putting out country records!

Write another "Stay" and maybe another "Stuck Like Glue." Then, do a remake of "River Deep, Mountain High" with Keith Urban.  I'm thinking some duet with Jimmy Buffet and you in a spoken word type composition then you come in with your heavenly voice. Not only another hit but very likely a couple of CMA trophies. Then send me an album. You'll get promoted like never before.

When your tour comes through Billings, I'd be happy to emcee it. People loved you the last time you were here (although, we had a heck of a storm during that concert and everybody there was thinking that it was another tornado).

When you get to "the 406", hit me up, Boo. Sheryl Crow and I are "on a break."



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