The day that I found out that Billings' annual holiday parade was canceled, I posted that tidbit and asked for people's thoughts.

The comments started coming in. Not all were civil. Then a good old-fashioned playground fistfight broke out between those who think it's an issue of our freedoms and those who scream "science" and post the studies that support their side of the dispute.

I tend to not believe any "science" that I find on Facebook. I've seen studies posted that support no masks as well.

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I wear my mask properly when I'm grocery shopping or walking into restaurants that require it. I don't wear it in my car or when I'm home.

I saw a post this morning from one gentleman who is canceling his Costco membership because he had four different employees ask him to wear the mask properly.

I see both sides of the argument. For the customer, he thinks masks are ridiculous, and for the employees, they are just doing their jobs. I'd be willing to bet that they don't like having to be the enforcers.

I'm down to one trip per week to get perishables and any other grocery items needed. But, I'm in and out of there in the least amount of time possible. I've gotten pretty quick at the self check-out. I shop right after we get done at the radio station when the stores aren't very crowded.

I'm not a mask fan, but that's how we have to play right now.

Where I refuse to play their game is when they try to tell me not to get together with family.

We don't have anybody elderly coming over. We hand sanitize. We are having dinner at 2:30. If you need to ticket me, that's where I'll be.

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