We do not want a child to get hurt by finding it. - Lt. Brandon Wooley, Billings Police Department

According to Billings Police Lt. Brandon Wooley, officers are asking for the public's assistance in tracking down missing handguns in the area of the 700 block of North 22nd and a few blocks to the West.

Lt. Wooley added:

Please check your property, roofs, gutters, vehicle's, or anywhere a handgun could be hidden. If you locate a firearm please contact police right away by calling 657-8200. We do not want a child to get hurt by finding it.

According to Lt. Wooley, officers responded to a report of an armed robbery around 4 A.M. Thursday.

When officers arrived, three (3) armed suspect fled on foot and were apprehended in an area within about 3 blocks to the west. A shotgun was located by officers, but we believe there are still two (2) handguns unaccounted for.
Officers searched the area last night and again today in the daylight and were unable to locate them. All three (3) suspects are in custody.


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