With the 4th of July coming up this next Monday, I want to remind you to be safe.  I know that you hear it all the time and that you think nothing is going to happen to you, and I hope it doesn't.

I am here to tell you that just when you don't think it can happen, it happens.

I have had several friends and yes even family that have been injured by fireworks.

Sometimes no matter how safe you are being, accidents happen and the results can be life altering and make a life long impression.

Newsweek ran a story recently and it said that according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an average 230 fireworks-related injuries near and on the 4th of July.

According to this same report, In 2014, nine people died from eight different fireworks related accidents, including two who were bystanders.

The majority of fireworks injuries are burns, primarily to the hands, fingers, head, face, eyes and ears.

Here is the break down according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission;

19% of injuries are to the eyes, 19% to the rest of the head, face and ears.  5% to the arms, 10% to the legs, 11% to the trunk of the body, 36% to the hands and fingers and 50% were burns.