Because I have no life, I know that December third is National Bartenders Day. I have helped tend bar when somebody didn't show up. I have taken beers from the ice and handed them to patrons at Alberta Bair Theatre in the past. But I am not, by definition, a bartender.

My mom was the first female bartender to join the union in Great Falls back in the early sixties. And along with waitressing, she bartended all over that town for fifty years. She spent the last thirty-three years of her career at Eddy's Supper Club. She would always ask customers where they were from and if you said "Billings", you got a lot of information about her son who is on the radio.

Here in town (are you sitting down) I know several good bartenders. Although, at this point in my life, they are mostly daytime bartenders.

Mandy at Jakes West is always very upbeat and remembers what everybody drinks, even if you haven't been in for months. Dena and J.J. at Jakes downtown always make you feel bad that you haven't been in for a while.

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Now it's your turn. Who do you think is a rock star behind the bar. That rare combination of sparkling personality and knowing what you drink and having it sitting at what they know is your favorite chair by the time you sit down. Then I will tell the gals that I mentioned previously that being written about is better than getting tipped.

I also look forward to hearing from the bartenders that I didn't mention.

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