Next time you or your organization are planning a cook-off for a fundraiser I have an idea: Cinnamon rolls. Everyone always seems to have a chili cook-off but what about cinnamon rolls?

There are so many great places that make them but the best ones haven't even been tasted yet by the public because they are made at home. Yesterday was even National Cinnamon Roll Day. If there's a whole day for them, we should be giving them more attention around here.

I had some the other day that were awesome. My favorite style is not the kind that is too gooey or has the coverings that runoff. I love the kind that gets that cinnamon crunchy sugary coating on them. Slather them with butter on every bite and you have the winner.

There are probably 100 different ways to make them and it would make a good cook-off.

I've mentioned before that lasagna would be another one in so many different ways from different families.

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Another one that would work, is clam chowder they do a lot on the east coast and that's easy like chili and everyone has their own special way to do it.

You could even have different divisions like they do in a corn hole tournament. You could have the Restaurant division and the Homemade division.

You have Ales for Trails, you could do soup for the loop so we could get that project done quicker.

There are so many different ways to cook popular items that it doesn't always have to revert back to the chili. I know I could eat a cinnamon roll every day but I would get tired of chili,,,

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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