Now before I write anything, I need you to know that my wife encouraged me to write this and this is NOT ME picking on her.

As I have stated, I flew back into Billings officially last Saturday. Before that, I hadn't seen my wife or my kids for a month and she wanted to surprise me. The picture above is right before I landed that night.

She scheduled a hair appointment for Saturday morning so that everything would be ready by the time I landed that evening. In her adventurous spirit, she decided to do something new. She is a natural brunette and thought going with a blonde fade while cutting off most of her hair would be a good thought.

In all seriousness, when I saw her, I thought she looked wonderful and didn't notice anything bad. I truly thought it went well for her. After a day or so, SHE noticed something and brought it to my attention.

The blonde started turning orange after a few days and upon closer inspection, it was noticeable the her cut was very jagged and uneven.

Needless to say, she was devastated and embarrassed.  I tried to comfort her and assure her that we would get it fixed. Sure enough, she is scheduled to have it fixed tomorrow, but is nervous.

Below is what she plans to do tomorrow as far as color goes. Basically what it was before.

Hot Rod Thompson/TSM
Hot Rod Thompson/TSM

She wants to know of your hair disasters. Let her know what has happened with you.

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