2014 is now on record as being the snowiest year ever recorded for Billings, Montana.  If memory serves we didn't have a high temp below zero and few days in the 50's. Most of the time it was in the 20-40 range which is normal for winter around here. A little snow that usually melted off within a few days.

This year on the other hand it seemed like the high was either -20 or 52 degrees. The variances were off the charts. When it was below freezing we received more snow than we've had since records were kept beginning in 1934. Officially we've had 99.1 inches of snow and we should easily top 100 inches this year. It's the snowiest winter in 17 years. In 1996-97 there was just over 98 inches of snow. Thank God for those 50+ degree days or we'd have a much bigger mess on our hands right now.

Hopefully next year is not a repeat as I have spent enough time this winter digging out my car!

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