Yesterday in Billings, there was another hi-speed chase that eventually led to a crash and stopped traffic at the roundabout at Zimmerman Trail.  Another story of someone who was wanted for a crime and committed five others before they could catch him. It's sad but this is now the trend nationwide, to run and defy the law.

It's leading to more confrontations between police officers and suspects. Last night Joe Biden called for even more police reform after the George Floyd trial and verdict. My question is, why aren't we calling for more criminal reform?

Let's take this kid at Zimmerman Trail for instance. Do you think his parents were active in his life? Was he in little league and boy scouts? Did he try to get perfect attendance during high school or at least make the honor roll with a 3.0 or more? Did he work hard every summer trying to get his 4H animal ready for the fair? Did he have a summer job or go to open gym at night? Did he come from a strong two-parent family, or at least have one good strong parent in his life? Did he experiment with drugs at a younger age? Did he have curfews and chores to do at home? Did his parent or parents know or care who his friends were? Was he just funneled through the education system and moved on to make room for the next one?

These are the problems that are leading to people becoming trouble makers to start with. Trying to make it better after the fact is futile. If there weren't as many criminals there would be fewer confrontations. The point is, the problem isn't that we haven't reformed the police in this country, it's that we haven't reformed ourselves. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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