A couple of updates for you all who have been following this issue along with us:

I see that school district two has a school board meeting scheduled for Tuesday night at 5:30. For the first time, the issue of policy 2050 is on the agenda. That is the first important step of many needed to revise the policy that currently keeps people who age out like Emily from graduating with their classmates.

We'll all be watching.

Another big Item for us this week will be the announcement of the 28th annual Flakes trip. Things are still tough to arrange because of all the flight restrictions, especially for groups, but we have a great spot and another great trip scheduled if you want to go.

The final thing is that this morning, Mark and I both bought tickets for the Special Olympics raffle. A nice young man came up and sold us the tickets and I couldn't help reflecting on my comments to the Billings school board. I told them that I really believe that God picks the parents of these special kids. They have to have the love, compassion, and commitment that only a few could have for their child. Makes me realize how blessed we all are with our children. That's why this issue with Emily is so important. It's a job that not many of us could do and so many children will follow after her.

I also closed my little speech with this. It's too bad that God also doesn't pick the people that serve on school boards or sit in the Superintendent's chair. This issue would have been handled back in October of 2021...

We stand with Emily.

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