If you are a parent and your parents said to you, enjoy your time with your children because they will be grown before you know it, they were right.  Happy Birthday to my son Triston.  He celebrates a big one today 16!

Now what makes this even more special for me is that it just happens to be my birthday, too.

As a parent you can have many blessings through the years with your children, but one of the most amazing things for me ever as a parent was having Triston on my birthday.

This young man makes me laugh, cry and, yes, he even tests my patience. After all, he is just a kid.

I have watched him change so much over the years and as he does, I see so much of his father Brett in him. And, I will admit a ton of the Gallagher gene, not that I am overly thrilled about that, but he is my child and I love him with all of my heart.

I will say this, enjoy your children each and every day.  Kiss them and hug them and never let them wonder if they are loved.

This is a poem that one of my very best friends Laurie Mohl wrote for me the day that Triston was born.  It's such a special poem and couldn't be more true.

God’s Birthday Gift to You

It can’t be wrapped or opened up or tied up with a bow.

It can’t be exchanged for a different size to allow for room to grow.

It can’t be returned to the store because the color is just not right.

It can’t be let out at the seams because it fits too tight.

It can be hugged and squeezed and told “I Love You.”

It can make you smile even when you are feeling blue.

It can make your life worthwhile and every day more fun.

It’s God’s birthday gift to you and his name is Triston.

If you are celebrating a birthday today, too, I hope you have a fantastic day.