Fall has always been my favorite time of year although it's going to be a while until we get some cooler weather. It's the time of year when there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The days get shorter and the work slows down.

We are in the planning stages for our Fall parade. If we can get a venue and a date we will pick a charity to collect the proceeds donation.

Of course, this is all depending on our listeners' ability to be crafty!

Last year it was The Dog House Parade in Billings.

Dog House created by Alpha House
Credit: Sue Knaub

This year I've come up with The All Things Wood Parade. All Items that will be constructed will have to be mostly wood. You can use other materials for sure but the majority has to be mostly wood. Anything goes, so it will really open up the doors for everyone to find something and bid at the Gala.

Dog house parade turnout 2021
Credit: Mike Sutton, Townsquare Media

Furniture, cabinets, birdhouses, carvings, beds, TV stands, rocking chairs, a changing table, a desk -- anything made of wood. Yes, you could even build a dog house if you want. It's an All Things Wood Parade.

We need to get at least 30 builders and craftsmen to commit to making it work so start planning now. The best part is everyone there will be able to find something cool to bid on.

After last year you never know what will show up; who knows, someone might even build a tiny house.

Let us know if you can commit an item and we can then get the ball rolling. The food is great, the gala is fun, and I'm sure the items will be beautiful and unique.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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