The Breakfast Flakes

Friday Fragments - 5/17/19
The truck speed limit got bumped up a little bit in Montana this week.
My golf advice is always, "Take a cart."
Only one birdie this week. But I didn't play as much.
I consistently do 5 mph over the speed limit when I'm on Main Street and I am almost ALWAYS the slowest vehic…
This Is New
So far, we have had three cats have their kittens in the calving shed, but new this year is the "community cafe." They just put them all in one pile and then go over and nurse them. The kittens just find an opening and latch on to whatever is available...
My "Moving Day" Rules
There aren't many folks I'd help move anymore. But if you own a pickup and, God forbid, a trailer, you will, at some point, get asked to help somebody move.
Don't Buy the Rhetoric
Can anyone tell me how much the price of tractors and combines went down between 2010 and 2017? The answer would be none. They all went up substantially and no tariffs.
What I Want at My Funeral
I attended a couple of memorial services over the weekend. I've always felt that these services are a form of closure for loved ones, but are rarely a complete tribute to the one who is gone.

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