Not that all of my weeks aren't awesome, but this one was even better.

  • Of course, there was some golf and a nap or two. But what stood out was some of my sister's friends who reached out to me on her birthday to share fun memories of her. That was very much appreciated.
  • On the air we played, "Every answer is the title of an Alan Jackson song" on game day. Listeners did pretty well.
  • During a conversation about teeth, I told Paul that my wisdom teeth never came in. I've heard that getting them removed is quite painful. Maybe I am "Lucky For Life." But, we heard from several people who either didn't have theirs come in or just had one or two.
  • Hollywood is making a movie about Merle Haggard. It's being co-written with his fifth wife. Sam Rockwell will play "The Hag" and do his own singing.
  • Coca Cola Company announced that they're getting into the seltzer business with an alcoholic version of Topo Chico.
  • I just found out this week that there is a place in Kent, Washington where you can drive some exotic sports cars. I've always wanted to drive a McClaren. I could use one of those for Christmas, too.
  • Alaska State troopers are hiring. Starting salary is $72,700 with an 11% retirement match. I wonder if they would hire me as their "High-Speed Pursuit Specialist." Legal speeding would be awesome. I've had friends in law enforcement tell me that flying down the road with the lights and sirens going is the best part of the job.
  • Happy birthday to my mom. I won't give her age as she seems to have stopped at 39. She also hates having her picture taken anymore, so this one from about 10 years ago is one of the more recent ones I have of her.

Be safe this weekend. We will see you Monday morning at 5 a.m.

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