Webster's official definition of pie is a pastry crust filled with fruit, meat, pudding, etc. So, as much as I hate to admit it, I guess Mark's idea of a pie is technically a pie. A pie can also be a layered cake with some type of cream or custard filling, but to me, then that makes it a cake.

The reason the whole argument started in the first place is because today is Pi Day. That, of course, in reference to the math decimal 3.14, which is today's calendar date. It's funny that today was also Einstein's birthday, who probably used pie more than any other brilliant man. I like the pastry kind better.

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My top favorite would definitely be the banana cream pie, if I'm not going the fruit route. My favorite fruit pie would be the candy apple pie that has a caramel glaze on the top with whipped cream. Blueberry is also close to the top, but the secret is the sugar you add to it has to be just right. I love a good pecan pie too, but that's not a fruit, so I don't even know what category that one would fit into.

I also love the different types of cheese pie. That's right, if they are in the pie pan, then it should be a cheese pie and not a cheesecake. If Boston cream pie, which is really a cake, can be called a pie, then a cheesecake, which meets the criteria of Webster's definition of pie, can be called cheesecake. I like them all no matter what, which makes me easy as pie to cook for...

See you tomorrow at 5.

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