Today we asked listeners about their bucket list destinations—the places they want to see before they die.

I've been fortunate to see a lot of the places I wanted to. Then the Flakes Trips came along, and I got to visit a whole bunch of tropical locations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.

In the middle of our day, I got a message from Michael, who always wanted to go to a Notre Dame football game with his dad. That really hit me. It's not the "where" that matters; for me, it's the "who." I'm fortunate that I recognized that many years ago.

My dad and I are not fishermen, but we went a couple of times when I was a kid. I always wanted to recreate those experiences with my dad, so we picked a day and made it happen.

We started at Walmart, buying our licenses. I can't remember the difference in cost between what they charged a senior and what they charged me, but it was significant (and criminal).

We also had to buy poles, lures, and bait. So I had $400.00 invested before drowning my first worm.

We took the frontage road between Cascade and Wolf Creek. By this time in his life, Dad had to carry his oxygen with him, so the only fishing sites we could use were the ones we could drive right up to.

Of course, we didn't get a single bite all day and it was still the best day of fishing in my life.

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