While many of you are filling out your brackets for the NCAA today, I'm trying to pick who's getting into the Country Music Hall Of Fame this year.

There are three categories: Modern era, veterans era, and non-performer. I have zero knowledge about that last one, but I've got some thoughts on the first two.

For the Modern Era, you have to "hit" twenty years ago. So there are a lot of people on this list. But I know that country radio has really been pushing the female acts the last few years. So, last year Patty Loveless got in. And rightfully so. And Martina McBride is eligible. But so are Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and Blake Shelton.

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For my pick in the Veterans Era, I'm all in with Crystal Gayle. She was a radio staple and some of the biggest-selling songs of her day. And she's been eligible for 34 years. It's time. It's actually past time. Just like putting Tanya Tucker in last year, this would right a very overdue wrong.

And the CMHOF doesn't generally add more than new members each year. But this year they should. They should make an exception and do a special induction for Toby Keith. His career was beyond huge. It was iconic. You saw the Red Solo Cup tribute on social media. And everybody, not just people in country music, knew who he was.

I sure hope they "Let The Old Man In".

That's just my two cents' worth.

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