• Our state is allowing some sense of normalcy, except for the menus that only get used once, the condiments that have to be asked for, and no more than six people at a table. Oh, and no sitting at the bar. Yep. Danged near normal.
  • It's looking a lot like next Friday might be "Go To Hell Friday." Stay tuned.
  • I'm cruising tonight.
  • I've been going out for lunch and dinner as much as possible trying to support our local bars and restaurants. Hope you are too.
  • I only golfed twice this week. But one of those was with my daughter. Worth it.
  • Don't know if I've ever seen this much road construction going on at once as there is right now. In a related story, I'm glad that I never had a job as a flagger.
  • Another "23 Floors With The Flakes" today. Super excited.

See you Monday morning at 5.

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