After working with Paul Mushaben for so many years, nothing he does makes me nervous, except when he plays Engineer in the Cat Country Studio.

Now let me tell you, my friend Pauly can do many, many things.

He can fix fence, fix vehicles, deliver calves and sheep and even coach a mean game of basketball.

However I'm not aware after the 26 plus years we have known each other that he has ever, and I mean EVER gotten certified to be an Engineer.

I did some investigating and to my surprise you don't have to have any kind of certification of any kind to be an Engineer, well at least in Radio.

It used to be that you had to have a 3rd class license to be on air and a 2nd class license to work on 2-way Radio and a 1st class license to work on a Broadcast Transmitter.

But, an this will not surprise anyone, the Government did away with all of those restrictions a few years ago with the FCC deregulation.

What the hell, I'm not sure I would be comfortable as a Radio Station owner knowing Joe schmo can come work on my baby.

Well hell if I'd have known that, I would have been fixing stuff all by myself for years.

As a mater of fact, I may go fix something in the Flakes Studio right now for them tomorrow.


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