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I'm amazed at how low some people will go. While talking with Tiffany at the animal shelter yesterday, she told us that people stop on a regular basis and steal the pet food that is donated to help the shelter. They even have the guts to do it in broad daylight. They have a camera there and can actually watch them do it and they still don't stop. That's about as low as you can get when you steal from shelters, food banks, clothing drop-offs etc. I like to help people out more during the holidays, but I've never thought about the animal shelter before. Next time I'm in TSC,  I'm going to buy an extra bag of food and drop it off. I love dogs and all dogs are better than some people. I know Santa always remembers our dog at Christmas time so let's help the ones that might not have a good Christmas. We have Toys for Tots, how about Bones for Beagles? See ya tomorrow at 5.

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