An article today in the Gazette talked about the impact of tariffs on farmers. The price of wheat is $4. The price in December of 2017 when the tariffs were announced was $2.60 a bushel. They said it will impact machinery costs. Can anyone tell me how much the price of tractors and combines went down between 2010 and 2017? The answer would be none. They all went up substantially and no tariffs.

China has been getting to us for years and it has to stop. By the way, if the U.S. has a drought and yields are low in Brazil, Argentina, Russia, etc, commodity prices will rise. It's always been about weather and supply. Not Trump trade policies. Shame on the Gazette for blaming price swings in agriculture on the President. When the prices do go up who is going to get the credit? They won't give it to him.

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