Well, another week is in the books, and who doesn't love Fridays?

We went from Fall to Winter Monday. And in turn, a large amount of whining about snow plows. And also about people who drive too slowly on the ice.

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Credit Getty/ThinkStock

A couple of things were said to me this week that I didn't necessarily expect to hear, but were kind of funny.

The first one was, "Hey, I found a whole box of sombreros if you need them". And "The mermaid tail that I ordered when I was drunk is too small". True stories.

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Glad that the elections are behind us. We didn't have many political ads on our station this time. But October of 2024 is going to suck. Just thought I would let you know.

Country music lost one of Alabama's original members this week. Jeff Cook passed at 73. He's a Country Music Hall Of Famer and part of the best country group in the history of the business.

And Montana lost radio legend Lonnie Bell at age 98. He was really one of the good ones. His show was on Cat Country when we started in 1988. He and I shared an affinity for knowing things about songs and singers. And he would occasionally stop into the radio station during the week.

And if I happened to run into him while he was there, we would end up talking and I wouldn't get anything accomplished. Lonnie is in the Montana Broadcasters Hall Of Fame. And I always tell people that Lonnie was the last person in broadcasting who referred to me as "kid".


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