Let's talk air show in Billings. It happens August 12th & 13th and is always an exciting event for a town like ours.

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I won't be attending. Not because I'm not a fan. But because of the number of people. But I know that won't affect how many people will attend.

AirBNB + Flakes?

When it was announced I had a couple of thoughts. First, I jumped on the old interweb looking for a house near the airport that I could rent for the weekend. I would invite a few friends over, barbeque some steaks, and watch the action in a less crowded environment. And I'm sure that everybody that owns a house up that way has been contacted about hosting a get-together. But nothing was available for rent.


Then I had another idea. I'll bet the Uber drivers are going to make bank that day. A lot of people are not going to want to make the long walk from where ever they end up parking. And I saw this last summer in Bozeman at Bobcat Stadium for the Kenny Chesney concert. Ubers were lined up for people who would rather pay for a ride than fight for parking. And an Uber will pick up your group at your house. Hmm.

Also, if you plan on being an Uber that day, I would look at renting a van or Suburban so that you could hall the folks at a time that you could.

Heck, there might be a market for folks with golf carts to make a few bucks shuttling spectators between the gates and their cars.

Bring your sunscreen and drink lots of water.

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