It's a short week this week for most and for me I'm always glad to get to this time of year. Now that we have wrapped up our major events for the year it's slow time to slow down. Out at the ranch, I will finally have some time to get caught up on some things. Start adding a few holidays and some remaining vacation and it will take us right into the New Year with the Flakes trip Right around the corner.

We get back from that then it's time for calving and we start a new year all over again. This week when I sit at home and have my coffee on Thursday and Friday I will probably think of all the things that I should be grateful for and sometimes overlook. I have had my setbacks like many of you but still have been blessed.

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Sometimes we forget about those things that mean the most, Family for one and I have been blessed there as well. I always look forward to the meals over the holidays too, pie and stuffing it doesn't get much better than that.

Do people indulge in adult beverages over Thanksgiving day?. It doesn't seem like beer would be a good fit with turkey. I know people will pop the cork on some wine which should make the holiday more interesting. A big bonus this year is the weather there should be no travel problems here if your going by car so have fun.

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