As I stared at that computer screen at 3 in the dang morning, I had to decide what kind of social media day I would have. I saw posts concerning illegal immigration, voting for more school levies vs laying off employees, and about 3 or 4 anti-gun blogs. I didn't type anything. I just drank more coffee and listened to the birds chirping.

I made it all the way 'til about 9 this morning. That's when I saw the online petition that wants to allow parents to watch their kids competing in golf tournaments.

In case you didn't know, in Montana, if your kid plays some great golf, you'll just have to hear about it because, it's against MHSA rules.

Think about that. Absorb it. An organization funded by your tax dollars won't let you go watch your kid play golf.

If your child chooses volleyball, softball, basketball, or wrestling, please come to every game, but not golf. That's dumb. I signed the petition to change that.

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