This has to be the absolute worst candy for Halloween: candy corn.

Whenever I used to get that as a kid I would throw it away. It usually came in little plastic bags with just a few in them. I still can't believe they sell that stuff.

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Candy facts.

There was an article this morning with info on candy corn from Brach's. They said that they will churn out about 30 million pounds of it for the Fall season. Last year it amounted to 75 million dollars in sales for Brach's alone. That doesn't include the others that make it and sell it as well. The only thing that stuff is good for is decoration but to each his own.

There are better options out there.

If you asked kids or adults which they would rather have candy corn or Reese's cups the peanut butter cups would win by a landslide. Now though, you have to be aware of peanut allergies in kids, any of the old mainstay candies like Snickers, Baby Ruth etc. all have nuts in them.

Other popular choices.

Maria from Candy Town was in this morning and said their most popular item during this season is the Carmel apples. That makes sense, except those are hard to give to trick-or-treaters, especially in a bag.

It looks to me like the amount of kids that celebrate Halloween is starting to wane and the amount of adults that like to celebrate is growing. You can tell by all of the adult costumes that are for sale now. Adults have alcohol. too. which seems to make their parties a little more interesting....

I'll be home waiting for my first trick-or-treater ever....

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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