Farmer Finishers finishes up with a bang this week.

After complaining about the lack of moisture we caught up in one night. Over 4 inches in a 24-hour period will catch you up quickly but also can make a mess. That's Montana: We go from one extreme to the next.

Wash your hands before you eat was a big discussion this week on the findings about food poisoning and sickness you get while eating away from home.

Yellowstone Park officials were able to find public enemy number one this week. Just an average Joe from Hawaii who jumped into a river to save a drowning calf. They fined him $1,040 for being humane and valuing life. Now on the other hand, this week no doubt you saw the pictures of the gal standing two feet from a full-grown bison taking a selfie.

Oh, and the 30 people surrounding an elk all with a clear view of their faces and half their cars but we won't fine them. Why? Well, that's easy; they are all staying in park hotels and eating at park restaurants, and buying souvenirs. The guy from Hawaii, he's trouble.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

Last day of school today for kids so make sure they have something to do. If they're 16 make them get a job, they should learn that things like student loans should be paid back by the people who borrow the money, not everyone else.

Anyway, have a good weekend and maybe this heavy rain will take care of the grasshoppers. See ya Monday at 5. Maybe some Carly Pearce tickets by then.

Yellowstone National Park Rebuilds After Historic Flooding

After catastrophic flooding damaged portions of Yellowstone National Park in June of 2022, major reconstruction was necessary to make the park passable again. The following are photos of the improvement projects at Old Gardiner Road and the Northeast Entrance Road. All photos are courtesy of the National Park Service, photographer Jacob W. Frank.

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